*USDF Silver Medalist

*CDRA Certified Test Administrator

*USDF L Program Graduate

Show Record:

2007:Prix St. Georges/Cassandro

2006:Prix St. Georges/ Cassandro

2005: Qualified for Great American Championships/Dalgardens Locki 3rd Level and Prix St. Georges.

2005: Prix St. Georges/ Dalgardens Locki/1st Place

2005: Silver Medal Rider Award

2005: Prix St. George/18th in Nation.

2004: Sonoma Chapter CDS/ High Point Perpetual Trophy Recepient

2004: King Edso Trophy Recepient/ Dalgardens Locki.

2003: First Level/San Souci/ 1st Place

2003:Qualified for Great American Championships/San Souci

1998: Prix St. George/Grandeur/ FEI High Point Winner

1998: Prix St. George/ Grandeur/ 1st Place several times

1997: Prix St. George/Dan Berry/FEI High Point Winner

1997: Prix St. George/ Dan Berry/1st Place several times

1997: Prix St. George/Dan Berry/Qualified for Championships

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