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Price: $29.95

The Seven Deadly Sins of Dressage

How to Overcome Human Nature and Become a More Just, Generous Riding Partner for Your HorsesDouglas Puterbaugh
and Lance Wills

Following the Training Scale is not the only key to dressage success. In addition, you must learn how to avoid the Seven Deadly Sins — the cause of most frustration, stagnation, and injury (on the part of rider or horse) in riding today.

Have you committed one of these? In this book you'll find:

  • The signs of each of the sins — what you may be doing without even knowing it.
  • Steps to overcome them — lessons, exercises, observations.
  • Ways to check yourself — when you can move on.

Author: Douglas Puterbaugh
and Lance Wills

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 176
Illustrations: 75 color photos
ISBN: 9781570765926

About the Author

Douglas Puterbaugh has been a professional trainer, instructor, and clinician for more than 20 years. His facility, Puterbaugh Dressage Sport, is based in Howell, Michigan.

Price: $16.95

Art of Horsemanship

Translated by Professor H. Morgan, PHDXenophon

More than 23 centuries since it was first written, the earliest work on the horse and how to ride him still provides the modern rider with a delightfully readable treatise. An essential reference work for anyone with an interest in academic equitation and early horsemanship.

Author: Xenophon
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Illustrations: photographs and illustrations
ISBN: 9780851310411

Price: $29.95

Suffering in Silence

The Saddle-Fit Link to Physical and Psychological Trauma in HorsesJochen Schleese

Humans and horses have been joined for thousands of years, and for much of that time, one thing has served as the primary point of physical contact between them: the saddle.

However, for many horses and many riders, the saddle has been no less than a refined means of torture. Horses have long suffered from tree points impeding the movement of their shoulder blades; too narrow gullet channels damaging the muscles and nerves along the vertebrae; and too long panels putting harmful pressure on the reflex point in the loin area. Male riders saddle up despite riding-related pain and the potential for serious side effects, such as impotence, while female riders endure backache, slipped discs, and bladder infections, to name just a few common issues.

We must ask ourselves how much better we could ride and how much better our horses could perform if our saddles fit optimally? If they accommodated the horse’s unique conformation and natural asymmetry? If they were built for the differing anatomy of men and women?

The answers to all these questions are right here, right now, in this book.

Author: Jochen Schleese
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 208
Illustrations: 224 color photos, 41 color illustrations
ISBN: 978 1 5707609 653 4
Published by: Trafalgar Square Books

About the Author

Jochen Schleese has been working in the equestrian industry as a master saddler and saddle fitter for over 34 years and studied and built “gender-appropriate saddles” for over 20 of those. He completed both his journeyman’s and master’s certification at Passier and Sohn in Germany. In 1986 he was asked to come to Canada as the Official Saddler for the World Dressage Championships, held for the first time outside of Europe, and in 2005, 2007, and 2009 he held the same position for the World Cup Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 1990, Jochen developed a three-year certification program for the trade of saddlery together with the Ontario Ministry of Skills Development. He received a US Patent in 1996 for his innovative adjustable AdapTree® saddle tree, which is specifically made for the female anatomy, and he has been featured twice on Discovery Channel (How It’s Made and Harrowsmith Country Life). Jochen has been the recipient of numerous business and industry awards over the years and is featured as a regular educational contributor to many equestrian magazines in United States and Canada. He teaches his Saddlefit 4 Life® philosophy all over the world in conjunction with the German National Riding School, United States Dressage Federation, Ontario Equestrian Federation, Professional Trainers Verband in Germany, and at veterinary conferences in Brazil. Jochen is truly a leader in the concept of saddle fit: he has changed the way saddles are made, sold, and fitted all over the world, with the good of the horse and the comfort of the rider in mind.

Price: $34.95

Dressage with Mind, Body and Soul

A 21st Century Approach to the Science and Spirituality of Riding and Horse-and-Rider Well-BeingLinda Tellington-Jones

Linda Tellington-Jones has worked with top dressage competitors and horses from all over the world during the course of her amazing career, which now spans more than 40 years. Through the Tellington Method, Linda has provided tools riders and trainers can use to better a horse's attentionspan and ability to learn; surmount behavioral and training challenges; improve flexibility, balance, and way-of-going; and recover from injury or illness.

In the pages of this very unique book, Linda combines her understanding of horses, her world famous TTouch bodywork, her proven groundwork techniques, and her innovative methods under saddle with exciting ideas specifically for the dressage rider and trainer. Her intriguing ways of looking at the Classical Training Scale, her tips for harnessing the power of intent, and the guiding principles in her Circle of Well-Being provide desperately needed keys to keeping dressage horses happy, healthy, and performing their best.

To demonstrate how the Tellington Method can be practically applied to the dressage horse, Linda shares more than 20 problem-solving stories, featuring the world-class riders, trainers, and horses with whom she has worked. In addition, she includes techniques to help riders improve their ability to focus, cultivate habits of observation and patience, and practice the arts of understanding and thankfulness with both their horse and other human beings.

Author: Linda Tellington-Jones
Format: Paperback
Pages: 296
Illustrations: 182 color photos, 43 diagrams
ISBN: 9781570764264

About the Author

Linda Tellington-Jones is the internationally recognized equine expert who developed the Tellington Method approach to healing, training, and communicating that can be learned and practiced by horsemen and women of all levels. She was honored as the 1994 Horsewoman of the Year by the North American Horsemen's Association and presented with the ARICP Lifetime Achievement Award, given annually to a person who profoundly affects the equine world in a positive manner. Linda has worked with many top dressage riders from around the world over the course of her career, including Klaus Balkenhol and his daughter Anabel; Ingrid Klimke and her father, the late Dr. Reiner Klimke; Carl Hester; Nicole Uphoff; Kyra Kyrklund; Robert Dover; and Charlotte Bredahl-Baker, to name just a few. Linda is the author of numerous books and DVD programs, including the bestselling The Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book and TTouch for Dressage with Klaus Balkenhol and Nicole Uphoff, and she routinely travels worldwide teaching her methods. When not on the road, she lives in Hawaii.
Rebecca M. Didier is an editor and author, and a writer, blogger, and graphic designer, as well as a lifelong horsewoman. Rebecca has worked at Trafalgar Square Books, the leading publisher of equestrian books and DVDs, since 2002, and has also recently explored the joys of freelance writing and graphic design with her business Rude Girl Ink & Design. Rebecca lives in the Boston area with her husband, son, and Redbone Coonhound.

Price: $45.00

Give Your Horse a Chance

Lt. Col. Agoston L. D'Endrody

Give Your Horse a Chance
A Classic Work on the Training of Horse and Rider

Many masters of horsemanship have studied horses and riding over the last centuries, but few have given the subject greater consideration than Agoston d'Endrody. In preparing this book, he gave considerable thought to the practical principles of riding and to the process of becoming a good rider. And he explains why horses perform more or less successfully according to whether they are mounted by a talented rider or by one of limited natural abilities. In Give Your Horse a Chance, his goal is to reduce the disparity between these two divisions of riders by carefully delineating the processes of good riding and training.

The first part of the book explains the proper development of horse and rider so that both learn to enjoy their work. The latter part offers excellent, concise training advice for combined training and show jumping.

Lt. Col. d'Endrody was a member of the Hungarian Olympic Three-Day Event Team, a member of the Hungarian International Show Jumping Team, and a champion race rider.

Author: Lt. Col. Agoston L. D'Endrody
Format: Paperback
Pages: 544
Illustrations: 114 b/w photos, drawings
ISBN: 9781570765520

Price: $31.95

Horse Training In-Hand

A Modern Guide to Working from the GroundEllen Schuthof-Lesmeister & Kip Mistral

Working the horse from the ground — schooling "in-hand" as it has been known for centuries — has long been an integral part of classical horse training. Now, this gorgeously illustrated book explains in clear, step-by-step lessons how the modern-day horse owner can incorporate classical groundwork in her daily interactions with her equine partner — to both their benefit and enjoyment

Whether schooling green or young horses; retraining problem horses or those with poor foundations; warming-up advanced mounts prior to workouts; confirming lateral movements on the ground before attempting them on horseback; or supplementing everyday under-saddle exercises, work in-hand provides a wonderful way to advance the horse's education, as well as the standard of communication between horse and handler. Its gradual progression of work on the longe, double-longe, long lines, short reins, and long reins is the perfect addition to the training program that has grown a little stale or boring; the manageable solution to countless problems that commonly arise in daily work with horses; and by definition, an equestrian art form unto itself.

With over 100 color photographs — including many detailed series shots — to demonstrate correct body positioning, and meticulously hand-drawn illustrations to guide you through the often-confusing land of lateral work, Horse Training In-Hand is the first book ever to help shed classical groundwork's mystique while conscientiously preserving its magic. Find out for yourself how schooling in-hand can give your training program a brand new look and feel, forever transforming "workouts" and "schooling sessions" into artistic endeavors that yield breathtaking results.

Author: Ellen Schuthof-Lesmeister & Kip Mistral
ISBN: 9781570764097
About the Author

ELLEN SCHUTHOF-LESMEISTER trained at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Jerez, Spain, and currently studies with Portuguese masters Francisco Bessa de Carvalho (rider and trainer at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art) and Pedro Baptista de Almeida. She studied intensely for over two years with Danish Baroque trainer Bent Branderup, a specialist in the methods of de La GuÈriniËre and Pluvinel and renowned as a master of in-hand work. Schuthof-Lesmeister and her husband own and operate Stal Paradiso, a training facility in the verdant country near Amsterdam. 

KIP MISTRAL grew up riding bareback and Western in the deserts of Phoenix and on mountain cattle ranches in Montana before discovering classical equitation. She holds an MA in English, has taught composition and technical writing at the college level, and written over 80 articles for equine publications in the past several years. Mistral resides with her pure Spanish stallion. 

Price: $39.95

Kottas on Dressage

Arthur Kottas

Kottas on Dressage is a distillation of the practice and philosophy of one of the most highly regarded international trainers of the current era. Having stressed the need for the rider to establish correct posture and a thorough understanding of the aids before attempting to train the horse, the book goes on to highlight the value of establishing a rapport with the horse, enhancing his mental responses, and developing his physique with groundwork before progressing to work under saddle.

Following this, the text focuses on thorough, incremental development of the basic gaits, explains the value and execution of the lateral exercises, and introduces advanced work including tempi changes, pirouettes, piaffe, and passage. Throughout the text there are many notes, based on the Kottas' experience, of precisely how to address points of detail. A number of commonly encountered problems are also analyzed, and remedies offered.

Underpinning the whole text is the author's fundamental stance on horses and training: "I always see the horse as a partner. He must be trained slowly and patiently." This book will prove instructive to all who empathize with this view and aspire to the development of classical principles.

ARTHUR KOTTAS-HELDENBERG was born in Vienna in 1945. His parents owned the oldest riding school in the city and he started riding on his own pony at the age of two-and-a-half. In 1960, Kottas succeeded in joining the Spanish Riding School as an ElËve (trainee). Progressing rapidly, he became an Assistant Rider in 1964 and a Rider in 1969. In 1981 he became Chief Rider, and in 1983 Riding Master. From 1995 until retiring from the School in 2002 he was First Chief Rider. In recent years, Kottas has been in great demand as a trainer and holds clinics regularly on an international basis. With a philosophy of training and riding firmly rooted in the precepts of the Spanish Riding School, he is a fervent advocate of true classical horsemanship.

Author: Arthur Kottas
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 224
Illustrations: 50 color photos
ISBN: 9781570764547
About the Author

Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg joined the Spanish Riding School in 1960 as an Elève (trainee). He became an Assistant Rider in 1964, a Rider in 1969, Chief Rider in 1981 and in 1983 Riding Master. From 1995 until retiring from the School in 2002 he was First Chief Rider. He is in great demand as a trainer internationally and is a fervent advocate of true classical horsemanship. 
Julie Rowbotham trained with Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg in Vienna for fifteen years, progressing from Novice level to Grand Prix. She competes nationally and internationally and teaches students from Prelim to Small Tour level. She also produces horses for Woodcraft Stud. 
Maggie Raynor is a well-known equestrian illustrator who trained at Sheffield College of Art and at the Royal College of Art. She has had a life-long interest in riding and dressage in particular. As well as illustrating many books she has also published her own books including The Horse Anatomy Workbook.

Price: $29.95

Rider Fitness: Body & Brain

180 Anytime, Anywhere Workouts to Enhance Range of Motion, Motor Control, Reaction Time, Flexibility, Balance, and Muscle MemoryEckart Meyners

This is one exercise book made specifically with the rider in mind — it focuses on the mental and physical fitness skills you need to perform better in the saddle, including quick responses, elastic muscles, and mobile joints.

Eckart Meyners' exercises are easy to learn and do so can fit them in around your busy riding and work schedule. His unique workouts include balance exercises, stretching, and muscle conditioning, both on the ground and in the saddle. Meyners also introduces you to his "6-Point Program" and provides workouts that apply to each important area of the rider's body.

In addition, you'll find a complete rider warm-up and cool-down plan!

Eckart Meyners has focused on the relationship between kinetics and riding for more than 30 years, regularly presenting seminars on the behalf of the German National Equestrian Federation (FN).

Author: Eckart Meyners
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
Illustrations: 260 color photos, 170 diagrams
ISBN: 9781570764820
About the Author

Eckart Meyners, lecturer in Sports Physiology & Movement at the University of Luneburg in Germany, has researched the mechanics of human movement as related to riding horses for over 30 years. He trains riders, riding instructors, and judges for the German Equestrian Federation (FN), as well as teaching courses all over the world, including in the United States. He works regularly with dressage rider Heike Kemmer (winner of an Olympic individual bronze medal and team gold medal), who demonstrates several of the warm up routines in this book.

Price: $24.95

Straightening the Crooked Horse

Correct Imbalance, Relieve Strain, and Encourage Free Movement with an Innovative System of Straightness TrainingGabriele Rachen-Schoneich & Klaus Schoneich

It is well known that the horse naturally carries more weight on his forehand than on his hindquarters. This forward center of gravity, combined with an often unrecognized, inborn crookedness from poll to tail, can greatly inhibit training and ultimately affect the horse’s physical soundness and willingness to perform. In fact, Gabriele Rachen-Schoneich and Klaus Schoneich attribute 95 percent of all locomotive problems, in both sport and leisure horses, to this inherent crookedness.

For over 25 years, Rachen-Schoneich and Schoneich—along with expert riders, trainers, veterinarians, and other specialists—have concentrated specifically on this theory at their international training center in Germany. There they have worked with—and successfully “cured” through appropriate gymnastic training—more than 4,000 horses with straightness problems related to: incorrect or insufficient training; bad riding; veterinary misdiagnosis; poorly fit tack and equipment, and other causes.

Now, the couple describe their techniques, not only for addressing the symptoms of crookedness in an already schooled horse, but also for dealing with the “innate problem” in unbroken youngsters. Readers learn how using groundwork with green horses can “straighten” them and increase their “carrying power” before they are backed. You'll see how, with sufficient attention to gymnastic training on the longe and in hand, the eventual transition to work under saddle can be handled smoothly, easily, and without ever sacrificing correct locomotion.

Straightening the Crooked Horse is a must read for anyone who loves horses and takes pride in their health, comfort and performance. Written for the laymen, and filled with helpful illustrations, Straightening the Crooked Horse is an easy, enjoyable, educational read at 156 pages." —Cate Crismani

Author: Gabriele Rachen-Schoneich & Klaus Schoneich
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Illustrations: 50 color photos, 60 line drawings
ISBN: 9781570756497
GABRIELE RACHEN-SCHONEICH is a social educator and specializes in therapeutic riding. KLAUS SCHONEICH is a rider, trainer, and author. Together they run the Center for Anatomically Correct Horsemanship (ARR) in Bedburg-Hau, Germany, where they specialize in working with horses, riders, veterinarians, farriers, and other specialists in order to cure crookedness and solve locomotive problems. This is their second book on the subject.

Price: $29.95

Stretch Exercises for Your Horse by Karin Blignault

The Path to Perfect SupplenessKarin Blignault

Occupational therapist and equestrian trainer Karin Blignault illustrates how the controlled stretching of muscles long used to enhance human athletic performance can also be applied to the horse to prevent injury, alleviate pain, and improve performance. Includes color photos and diagrams and spiral binding for easy at-the-barn reference.

“...invaluable in starting a stretching program.”—The Chronicle of the Horse

“An innovative and thought-provoking book...”—U.S. Pony Clubs News

“...informative and helpful...easy to use as a reference guide and the explanations help the reader understand why each stretch is important.”—Horse News

Author: Karin Blignault
Format: Hardcover spiral
Pages: 160
Illustrations: 60 color photos, 64 diagrams
ISBN: 978 1 57076 665 7

Price: $24.95

Tug of War: Classical versus Modern Dressage

Why Classical Training Works and How Incorrect “Modern” Riding Negatively Affects Horses'
HealthDr. Gerd Heuschmann

German rider and equine veterinarian Dr. Gerd Heuschmann is well-known in dressage circles' admired for his plain speaking regarding what he deems the "incorrect" and damaging training methods commonly employed by riders and trainers involved in competition today. Here, he presents an intelligent and thought-provoking exploration of both classical and modern training methods, including hyperflexion (also known as Rollkur), against a practical backdrop of the horse's basic anatomy and physiology. 
In a detailed yet comprehensible fashion, Dr. Heuschmann describes parts of the horse's body that need to be correctly developed by the dressage rider. He then examines how they function both individually and within an anatomical system, and how various schooling techniques affect these parts for the good, or for the bad. Using vivid color illustrations of the horse's skeletal system, ligaments, and musculature, in addition to comparative photos depicting"correct" versus"incorrect" movementand most importantly, photos of damaging schooling methods. Dr. Heuschmann convincingly argues that the horse's body tells us whether our riding is truly gymnasticizing and building the horse up, or simply wearing it down and tearing it apart. 
He then outlines his ideal physiological education of the horse. Training should mirror the mental and physical development of the horse, fulfilling "classical" requirements such as regularity of the three basic gaits, suppleness, and acceptance of the bit rather than disregarding time tested values for quick fixes that could lead to the degradation of the horse's well-being. Dr. Heuschmann's assertion that the true objectives of dressage schooling must never be eclipsed by simple "mechanical perfection" is certain to inspire riders at all levels to examine their riding, their riding goals, and the techniques they employ while pursuing them.

Author: Dr. Gerd Heuschmann
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 144
Illustrations: 76 color and 5 b/w photos, 20 color illustrations
ISBN: 9781570763755
DR. GERD HEUSCHMANN trained as a Bereiter (master rider) in Germany before qualifying for veterinary study at Munich University. There he specialized in equine orthopedics for two years before accepting a post as the head of the breeding department at the German FN, which he eventually left to start his own practice in Warendorf.

Price: $26.95

Where Does My Horse Hurt?

A Hands-On Guide to Evaluating Pain and Dysfunction Using Chiropractic MethodsRenee Tucker, DVM

Keep your horse pain-free and performing his best! Introducing 27 simple body checkups you can do on your horse — Where Does My Horse Hurt? is a do-it-yourself method for determining when and where your horse hurts. With this easy-to-follow book, conveniently spiral-bound so you can lay it open on your tack trunk and follow the instructions as you work on your horse you will:

  • Become familiar with your horse's normal range of movement so you can prevent minor issues from becoming major.
  • Stay in tune with areas of temporary or chronic discomfort so you can offer relief as needed.
  • Solve "mystery" or "phantom" lamenesses that come and go seemingly without reason.
  • Save thousands of dollars by avoiding expensive diagnostics that rarely get you answers.
  • Learn how to discuss potential problem areas with farriers, veterinarians, and bodyworkers.
  • Keep your horse actively and happily "in work" for more months of the year, and more years of his life.

Author: Renee Tucker, DVM
Format: Hardcover Spiral
Pages: 184
Illustrations: 107 color photos, 30 diagrams
ISBN: 9781570764868
How things work has always been a question that Dr. Tucker has tried to answer. Prior to receiving her veterinary degree, she received her Bachelor's degree in Bioengineering. This unique combination of veterinarian and engineer has enabled her to create a special approach for helping owners help their horses. This approach combines her medical knowledge of equine health with her engineering background of simple, step-by-step problem solving. 
Dr. Tucker currently resides with her two sons in Redding, California. Find out more about Dr Tucker's work at her website:

Price: $29.95

Yoga for Equestrians

A New Path for Achieving Union with the HorseLinda Benedik

Equestrians everywhere will benefit from these unique yoga exercises specially designed for the rider. Learn how to enhance your riding skills through awareness exercises, visualizations, and meditations and improve your strength, flexibility, and balance through mounted and unmounted yoga routines.

"This book has been called a pioneering work, and it's something equestrians needed and should have expected a long time ago.”—Dressage Today

Author: Linda Benedik
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Illustrations: 50 color, 50 b/w, 35 line drawings
ISBN: 9781570761362

LINDA BENEDIK is an internationally known equestrian author, clinician, trainer, and riding instructor. She is the founder of Harmony With Horses, a unique program that blends mind–body practices with classical horsemanship, and is the author of the acclaimed book, Yoga for Equestrians, as well as the two–part instructional video series, Yoga & Riding. Since the mid–1990s, she has been teaching private and group programs that combine tutoring in traditional equitation and dressage with unmounted workshops featuring yoga for equestrians. She resides on California’s Gold Coast in San Buenaventura where she freelances as a private equestrian trainer for an exclusive clientele in the Los Angeles region.

Price: $19.95

My Horses, My Teachers

Alois Podhajsky

This classic memoir by the former director of the renowned Spanish Riding School explores the age-old relationship between horse and rider. Timeless, inspiring, and full of valuable advice. A book every rider should read 
Author: Alois Podhajsky
Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
Illustrations: 42 b/w photos
ISBN: 9781570760914

About the Author

ALOIS PODHAJSKY was born in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and was an officer in the Austrian Army, rising to the rank of Colonel. In 1939, Podhajsky became chief of the Academy of Classical Horsemanship, better known as the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Austria. Founded in 1572, the school's main focus was the training of Lipizzan horses in the art of Classical dressage. Podhajsky was director of the school throughout World War II and continued in the position until his retirement in 1965.Following his retirement, he continued to teach classical horsemanship, and wrote a number of books on the topic. Podhajsky died following a stroke in 1973, in Vienna, Austria.

Price: $28.95

Dressage in Harmony, From Basic to Grand Prix

From Basic to Grand PrixWalter Zettl

Maybe the best way to introduce this book to our audience is to quote Max Gahwyler when he read the book when it was in manuscript form: "You must publish this. It is superb!" We agree this is, truly, one of, if not the clearest, most readable books on training dressage ever written. It's just delightful! As Egon von Neindorf, a recognized master himself, says in the Foreword,
"If you are not fortunate enough to be taught by Walter Zettl personally, he gives you in this book a very valuable guide to the art of classical riding. In clearly worked out and easy to understand chapters, he takes you through each step of the training stages, discusses problems that occur, and assists with competent, sensible corrections, from Beginner to becoming a Master. With Walter Zettl's guidance, it is made possible." 
Author: Walter Zettl
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 266
ISBN: 9780939481545

About the Author

Germany under the famous Col. Aust, and has over 40 years of instructional experience in Germany. He came to Canada in 1981 where he was trainer for Eva Maria Pracht, and also served as dressage coach for the Canadian Three-Day team for the L.A. Olympic Games. 
While teaching lessons and clinics across North America, he was struck by the hunger for knowledge of correct training principles, combined with the difficulties posed by both the vastness of the geographic range and the lack of any organized system for delivering correct information.

Price: $25.95

Dressage, A Guidebook for the Road to Success

A Guidebook for the Road to SuccessAlfred Knopfhart

This book is on the USDF Instructor Certification Recommended Reading List.

In Germany, this wonderful book has gone through four very successful editions-and is now finally available in English! Aimed principally at intermediate and advanced riders, the book offers excellent assistance for the long and not-always-easy road to success in dressage.
There are definitely no shortcuts offered here, but a systematic approach built on tried and true principles of training handed down through the ages. The author leads the reader progressively and purposefully to the higher levels of dressage in a logical and often witty approach. 
Excellent line drawings clarify and enhance the text, making this one of the most readable books on dressage available. There's a good reason for the positive response this work has enjoyed through the years in the German original-and now you, too, have the same opportunity to learn from one of the modern masters!

Author: Alfred Knopfhart
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 176
ISBN: 9780939481460

Price: $25.95

Major Anders Lindgren's Teaching Exercises

A Manual for Instructors and RidersAnders Lindgren

This book is on the USDF Instructor Certification Recommended Reading List.

Since first coming to the U.S. in 1981, Major Anders Lindgren has established a well-deserved reputation as an excellent, clear, methodical and delightful teacher. His innovative system using traffic cones in his progressively arranged exercise patterns, combined with his use of colorful imagery, has helped countless instructors and riders understand and improve. He has, simply put, touched many lives in the field of dressage. As in his seminars and clinics, his joy and humor shine through in these pages, as well as his deep love and respect for the horse.

Author: Anders Lindgren
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9780939481538

Price: $25.95

Pilates for the Dressage Rider

Janice Dulak

While they use different terms, both Pilates and dressage share an emphasis on the torso, or "Powerhouse" in Pilates-speak, and achieving core strength, good posture and muscle flexibility. The goals of a Pilates program are often identical to what riders try to achieved in the saddle in the sport of dressage. 

The book shares three basic goals: to give the reader an introduction to Pilates and basic workout to do at home or on the horse, to help the rider understand and gain control over the engagement of her own spine, and to guide the rider toward using the knowledge gained through the practice of Pilates to help her find new ways to use her body to improve her riding. 

The exercises in the book have been culled from the over 500 Pilates exercises and have been specifically chosen to best suit the needs of the dressage rider. Clear photos and detailed instructions clarify each exercise. Written with input of physical therapist Katrin Haselbacher, Pilates for Dressage Riders is must reading for any serious student of dressage. 
Author: Janice Dulak
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 152
ISBN: 9780939481729

About the Author

Janice Dulak has trained in Pilates since 1989 and has been riding dressage since 1995. She is the author of the popular book and DVD Pilates for the Dressage Rider and teaches in clinics throughout the country. Dulak's studio, The Dulak Pilates Center, is located in Champaign, Illinois.

Price: $34.95

Academic Equitation

A Training System Based on the Methods of D'Aure, Baucher, and L'HotteGeneral Decarpentry

Originally written and published in 1949, Academic Equitation was considered by dressage experts to be the most important contribution to classical training in the twentieth century. This book was intended as a preparation for international dressage competitions but is far more than this. It discusses the subjects of academic equitation, the riding master and the choice of horse before introducing the reader to the author's systematic program, covering the very early training right up to the most advanced movements.

The appendix deals with lungeing, work in hand, long reins and pillar work. General Decarpentry was not only a distinguished scholar of artistic equitation but also equally versed in putting the theories into practice. He deals with the education of the young horse and the complications and details of advanced schooling with the hand of a master.

Although he claims that nothing in the book is his - his training system is based on the methods of D'Aure, Baucher and L'Hotte - the General's wisdom and deep knowledge are manifest throughout. It was the General's great wish that traditional teachings on the art of equitation should not be lost to those who wished to study equitation. In this most important work he has succeeded in presenting these teachings in such a way that allows both layman and expert to obtain a deeper insight into this fascinating subject.

"Academic Equitation presents an invaluable source of informationÖ. Read it and you might discover things you've never thought of before."--Dressage Today 
Author: General Decarpentry
Format: Paperback
Pages: 282
Illustrations: 15 b/w photos, line drawings
ISBN: 9781570765506

Price: $27.95

Sport Horse Conformation

Evaluating Athletic Potential in Dressage, Jumping and Event ProspectsChristian Schacht

The way a horse is physically built, his conformation, tells a lot about the riding sport or discipline for which he is best suited. With a well-trained eye, you can see his strengths and his weaknesses, and therefore determine how you train him, on which areas to focus, the techniques best chosen to improve his skills, and methods that should be used (or avoided) in order to maintain the horse's health and soundness.
Veterinarian, judge, and sporthorse breeding authority Christian Schacht presents a new and easy-to-use system for evaluating the conformation of the sporthorse, with special attention on dressage, jumping, and eventing prospects. Amateur and professional riders, breeders, veterinarians, trainers, and judges will all benefit from his method based on recognizing proportions and lines, already widely accepted in international professional circles.

Author: Christian Schacht
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 144
Illustrations: 171 color photos & color artwork
ISBN: 9781570765308

About the Author

CHRISTIAN SCHACHT is a veterinarian; German riding, breeding, and management "master", licensed dressage, eventing, and international show jumping judge; and Breeding Director of the International Sporthorse Registry (ISR) Oldenburg North America.

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Balancing Act

The Horse in Sport -- An Irreconcilable Conflict?Dr.Gerd Heuschmann

Dr. Gerd Heuschmann burst onto the international equestrian scene with his startling expose Tug of War, in which he demonstrated with words and photographs the disturbing effects of the (then) popular "Rollkur" or "hyperflexion" technique in training dressage horses. In his long-awaited follow-up book, Dr. Heuschmann explores what it means to be a "responsible rider," and asks whether, in today's society, it is indeed possible for riders in any horse sport to put the good of the horse first and foremost — most pointedly above ambition and fame.

With fabulous art to help show the anatomy of the horse and how it is impacted by various riding techniques, as well as further proof that — although some steps have been taken to prevent the use of forceful and cruel techniques in the training of top horses — many sport horses still perform in pain and discomfort, this book is sure to follow in its bestselling predecessor's footsteps. Dr. Heuschmann's arguments are based in his experience as a veterinarian and his knowledge of the working equine's body, and are certain to ring true with every serious rider who also claims to be an avid horse lover.

Author: Dr.Gerd Heuschmann
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 256
Illustrations: 150 color photos & drawings
ISBN: 9781570765292

About the Author

DR. GERD HEUSCHMANN trained as a Bereiter (master rider) in Germany before qualifying for veterinary study at Munich University. There he specialized in equine orthopedics for two years before accepting a post as the head of the breeding department at the German FN, which he eventually left to start his own practice in Warendorf. He has been an active member of the “hyperflexion” (previously referred to as Rollkur) debate, weighing in at the 2005 USDF National Symposium and the 2006 FEI Veterinary and Dressage Committees’ Workshop. Along with Klaus Balkenhol and other prominent figures in the dressage community, Dr. Heuschmann is a founding member of “Xenophon,” an organization dedicated to “fighting hard against serious mistakes in equestrian sport” (

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