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We're Here To Help
Your satisfaction is important to us! Feel free to email us your questions about products, online orders, store experiences and more.

Order Questions:
If you need help or have any other questions concerning your orders, please email us or call:
810-433-2068 or 707-975-6847 (9am-4pm EST).Return Policy

Return Policy
Mishaps are extremely rare but any product that is damaged, or incorrect may be returned. The product must be returned in its original package and in original condition. Please email or call us PRIOR to all returns. Returns must be approved prior to being received by us. Enclose a copy of the receipt with return. Changes to our return policy may occur, please email or call for specific details.

There are NO refunds on special orders. Special orders cannot be cancelled.
Sale items are non-returnable. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

We thank you for your understanding and courtesy.

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