Announcing Grand Prix Jewelry Line 

"Piaffe", the first of six pieces has arrived!  Expertly designed by Douglas Puterbaugh, and crafted by jeweler, Loriece, this is a very fine treasure to own, in either sterling silver or 14k gold.  Purchase in our online store!

Hay Barn Restoration

Join us at in our campaign to save our Hay Barn!  Funds from this campaign will help us save our beautiful historic barn. Built in the mid 1800's, it is a beautiful piece of history in the Midwest. After restoration, plans are to use it for hay storage and potentially a country tack store. The barn needs foundation work and a new roof to keep it from falling down. With winter here, the restoration company is prepared to start the project as soon as our goal is reached. Please help us spread the word!  To date, we have raised $3,000 - on our way to the first milestone of $8,900.  We are so thankful for all of the support we have received!

Read Senior Editor's article on
The Seven Deadly Sins of Dressage:




Douglas’ book has been chosen as Dressage Today’s Editor’s Pick

Douglas is very honored to make the top 10 list of quotes by great riders and horsemen.

We are also pleased to announce that according to Rosemary Driscoll (from facebook)

“This guy is not so well known in Australia but he has some great insight and knowledge concerning horses I have its book and is defo worth reading.”



"S" Judge Sonja Vracko reviews "The Seven Deadly Sins of Dressage":

"Most everyone riding a horse, has at one time or another committed at least one, if not more of these sins. Maybe, hopefully, by reading this book, more riders will see themselves here, try to curb their behavior, so we can see happier and less misunderstood horses thoughout the US. On behalf of all the horses, I thank you."




For more information on our camps, clinics and Academy events, please contact Tamara at (810) 433-2068(810) 433-2068 (please leave a message), cell phone (707) 975-6847(707) 975-6847 or email

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